Toetails at Bar La Brezza

Igor's girlfriend was in town and drinks were in order. The 6-hour train trip from Trieste is a brutal, thirsty business. We had to get Isabella hydrated before exhaustion overcame her. Since moving to Rimini, we had heard stories of Bar La Brezza. We'd even seen the pictures of crazy nights out on Chico's blog, but neither of us had visited this local haunt. It would take a visit from Isabella for us to eventually brave a visit to the "dirty bar".

Our first couple of hours at Brezza were fairly tame, the obligatory purchase of oversized blinking glasses from a street vendor, a couple of beers, a few stupid photographs with said beer and glasses.

Evening Rimini-1-2

Having treated Isabella's exhaustion with a few glasses of wine, we made friends with locals.

Evening Rimini-1-3

Then Chico arrived and we got down to the serious business of creating toetails.

Evening Rimini-1-4

I had seen pictures on Chico's blog, and after finding a suitable model, I had him demonstrate the art of creating the perfect toetail.

Evening Rimini-1-5

By this point I had likely had too many glasses of red wine myself. Managed to get my hands on a number of peoples cameras and taken photos probably best not seen in the morning.

And then there is Chico's photographic evidence of events. Lesson learned, avoid mixing alcohol and photographers.


Photographs courtesy of Chico De Luigi

A more detailed review of Bar La Brezza is in order, but that will have to wait until I return from London, Bucharest, and Cape Town.