To Infinity And Beyond

An evening out in Rimini with Buzz Lightyear, Peter Pan, and a girl who looks a lot like Jim Carrey in Dumb and Dumber.Evening Rimini-1

This is Magic Voice - Voce Magica. He writes poetry in exchange for a handful of coins. So, we had him pen me a poem. The man should have been a physician! I can hardly make out a word he wrote, and I still need to translate his Italian hieroglyphics into English. At first, the most I could make out is that I am like Peter Pan and that perhaps my shoes have wings.

Evening Rimini-1-2

Evening Rimini-1-21

And then the semi official translation:

"Jean: He has a lot of fun. He never goes to bed to keep warm, only to shag. Woman adore him like Peter Pan, from Rimini to Zurich and Lausanne." 

No comment.

Evening Rimini-1-3

Somebody had to stop him laughing.

Evening Rimini-1-4

Father and Son, La Brezza.

Evening Rimini-1-5Evening Rimini-1-6

Evening Rimini-1-8

Toetails from the evening...

Evening Rimini-1-18

Evening Rimini-1-20

Late night munchies...Italian Style

Evening Rimini-1-10Evening Rimini-1-11Evening Rimini-1-12

At night, strange machines move through the streets, swallowing up the things we left behind. Fed by men in orange suits.Evening Rimini-1-15

Evening Rimini-1-16

Evening Rimini-1-17

The people who spend their evenings keeping Rimini beautiful for all of us.