There's a Million Dollars Under Your Shoe

vlad Five years ago I was walking along the cobbled streets of Konstantz, in Germany, when  Norm Brodsky told me what his father would say to him when he was a boy: "There's a million dollars under your shoe. You just have to find it."

Fast forward to today, I'm catching up with a good friend over a cup of coffee and he's telling about setting up an online surf business – among a number of other opportunities he's exploring.

I asked him about his existing business and told me that his marketing consultancy is coming along, and his HR app has spiked to over 30,000 hits per month. There it is, right under his foot. He's been distracted by all sorts of other opportunities, but the combination of his marketing and HR businesses hold the real potential - the million dollars under his shoe.

Sometimes the distraction of opportunity prevents us from find the million dollars under our shoe.