The South African Problem

"There is talk in Texas of settling a million or more displaced Afrikaners in a long strip along the Rio Grande, a buffer against the Mexicans." – Hunter S. Thompson (September 29, 1986) Gupta

Three decades ago this may have seemed somewhat of an exaggeration. However, with Trump the likely Republican presidential nominee and the political antics in South Africa, anything seems possible.

Think about it. Trump has vowed to deport all the illegal immigrants living in the United States and build a wall along the border with Mexico. South Africans are again leaving in droves – a migration agent has experienced a seven-fold increase in the number of South Africans enquiring about immigrating.  Would it be all that surprising if the ANC struck a deal with Trump to export tens of thousands of disillusioned South Africans? The only difference to Hunter's original prediction; it won't only be the Afrikaners heading for the Rio Grande.

Since taking office, Zuma has squandered taxpayers’ money on a 215-million rand ($13.3 million) upgrade of his private home, allowed his mates to use an air force base to transport guests to a wedding, installed David van Rooyen as finance minister (who as mayor of the Merafong municipality had his house firebombed before being chased out of town by a mob of incensed residents), he took corruption to a nuclear level when partnering with Russia for power stations ... the list has no end.

Given his track record, surely it's conceivable that given half the chance (and a sizeable bank deposit) he'd jump at the opportunity. After all, who would stop him? The ANC is more like The Borg than a political party; a collective hive of corruption. You only have to listen to Steven Sackur's interview with Trade and Industry Minister Rob Davies on HARDTalk.

[Sackur] Well, you are extraordinarily loyal to your party but you didn’t really address the question of your own, personal feelings about Zuma. Maybe you choose not to.

[Davies] Well, I’m loyal to the collective of the African National Congress, the vision of the African National Congress. To us, correcting things that have gone wrong, in terms of the administration’s mistakes, but also I believe that we’ve got a proud record of achievements that needs to be safeguarded and taken further forward in very difficult and trying circumstances that we find ourselves in, in South Africa (as far as the economy is concerned).

They'll follow each other blindly into any deranged scheme Zuma conceives, covering up for him along the way.

"... there is no reason for the President to leave office – the call and the clamour for him to do so, is a political clamour..."[Daives]

Things have gone way beyond political clamour. Any politician who is "a servant of the people of the country" [Davies] has a duty to do something about Zuma, and quickly, before he starts exporting the people of South Africa.