The Rumble in Rimini

"Want to go to a boxing match tonight?" Chico asked. "Hell, why not!" I responded, looking up from my MacBook Air. I was pretty close to boxing it, the wretched machine's Wi-Fi capabilities had been steadily deteriorating, and my frustration steadily growing. Taking pictures at a boxing match seemed like the kind of distraction I needed. We grabbed the cameras and the cockatoo, and headed out for a Rumble in Rimini. Rimini Boxing-11

The crowd tested my Italian skills, even challenging me to a bout in the ring.

Rimini BoxingRimini Boxing-2Rimini Boxing-3Rimini Boxing-4Rimini Boxing-8Rimini Boxing-5Rimini Boxing-6Rimini Boxing-9

Congratulations and grazie to the Rimini BOXE Biagini family for allowing me to be part of the evening.

Rimini Boxing-10

And then, a decision. How for a quiet drink, the Velvet Bar for a concert, or La Brezza for a bit of chaos and mayhem ... guess what ... chaos and mayhem.

Rimini Boxing-12Rimini Boxing-13Rimini Boxing-14Rimini Boxing-15

Rimini Boxing-16