The Rimini Diary - Return of the Beach Bums

Sunday afternoon trips to the beach have become more interesting. I found a piadina place (Piadina Del Porto) that serves something other than piadina: 'fish, cooked with the simplicity of the past'. Located alongside the port and in dive bombing range of the seagulls, you can grab a plate of asparagus, calamari, shrimp, and fish - all right off the boat. Okay, the asparagus were picked in a field. beach-1-10

After lunch, onward to the beach, where the bums have returned to Rimini in all shapes and sizes.

Slightly lumpy bum... beach-1-2

Big tum bum...


Innovative hobo bum ... jeans double as a thong, bicycle and boxes are used to create a makeshift umbrella.


Travelling bums ... just stepped off the train and made their way straight to the beach. Unfortunately, they forgot to pack swimming gear. No matter, underwear will do.


White bum ... soon to be a very red bum. No, I don't know what graffiti she has scribbled on her legs.


My type of bum!


Lost Thai Bum ... he skated in right out of the Thai tattoo parlour.


Aren't these things supposed to go in the water?