The Invasion of San Marino

In the historic centre of the oldest Republic in Europe, amongst the towers, battlements, and medieval castles ... an epic invasion was underway. The cosplay siege of San Marino had begun! If anyone knows who this character is, please tell me. He kind of looks like a crow crossed with Snow White on a bad hair day. Other distinguishing features: he carries an apple and the book of death. Also, he gives Francesca the creeps.

Update 23rd September 2016:

I now have a cosplay advisor! Ilaria aka Connor Kenway, Master Assassin is making sure I know my cosplay characters.

Meet Ryuk, a Death God, in Japanese called shinigami, from the manga "Death Note". Apparently, he likes apples very much.


Master Finger-on-Head teaches lightsaber combat to younglings.


Jigen and Lupin...


I need to brush up on my comic knowledge before the next cosplay, Reimi - Star Ocean?

This morning I received a message from Connor Kenway, Master Assassin – Get my name right or face my tomahawk.

I apologise for the mistaken identity. Hold the tomahawk :)

Thanks, Ilaria! You look the part.


The Keeper of Dinosaurs...


The Joker and his trick...


Megurine Luka, I presume?


To establish his authenticity, Francesca suggested Spiderman hang upside down from the tree and give her a kiss. He simply shook his head, the true Spiderman only kisses Mary Jane Watson.


Could they be a German family on Safari?


Captain Jack and Will Turner.


While I discovered I have a thing for Night Elves...


Francesca fancied a Grendizer like robot ...


and her actions sparked an inter-galactic incident.


Lord Vader and his stormtroopers quickly invaded the city, while we made a hasty getaway.