The Daughter finds a real photographer

A week ago I received a call: "Is that Courtney's dad?"

"Yes, it is," I said.

"Hi there, I'm calling from London Models," the woman said. "Is this a good time to talk?"

"Ah, sure. I guess."

"Well, Courtney sent us an application with a picture of herself and we like her look. Would it be okay for her to come in for a modelling assessment?"

"I suppose that would be okay."

"Great, how tall is she?"

"Ah, not sure exactly."

"What size does she wear?"

"Ah, not sure exactly."

"Has she ever done any modelling work or talk about wanting to be a model?"

"Ah, not sure exactly."

"Sir, is she really your daughter?"

"Yes, she's my daughter. She's been living with her mum the past few years. I know she laughs a lot, has a wicked sense of humour, doesn't eat meat, and loves chocolate cake."

"Okay, well bring her along for an assessment and let's see how she does in front of the camera."

So we packed up a suitcase of 5-7 outfits and one wet Saturday morning made our way to the studio in London. Once there, she told me to stay put in the waiting while she went off with a photographer and did this shoot ... well done Daughter!