The cats in the bath, summer is here!

Gigi has taken to lazy afternoon naps in the bathtub, a sure sign summer is here. Rimini is waking up from its winter sleep and preparing for the onslaught of tourists. I left Gigi to soak up the rays in the bath while I took a walk down to the beach.Berlin May

Berlin May-2Berlin May-3Berlin May-4

Just as I was taking this photo, verdura cassoni in hand, the car stalled. Naturally I offered to help push the car, along with a German couple. The driver, Anna, couldn't speak a word of English. The German couple couldn't speak a word of Italian. So I landed up interpreting, or better put, confusing the hell out of everyone. In desperation Anna called a friend, but sadly even with their help we didn't get her car started.

Berlin May-5Berlin May-6Berlin May-7Berlin May-8

Time to find a surfboard. Yes, Rimini has no surf, but at least I won't end up injuring myself again. I'll spend my time bobbing in the water, contemplating life.

Berlin May-9

And watching sunsets like this...

Berlin May-11Berlin May-13

I figured out the multi-exposure button thingy.

Berlin May-14