Taking Shelter in Simon's Town and Kalk Bay

I was born in Fish Hoek, a wind swept town between the villages of Kalk Bay and Simon's Town. There are days when the wind stops blowing, the sun shines, and Fish Hoek beach is one of the best places on earth, especially as a kid. But this vacation, it was not to be, the wind was against us. Instead, we took refuge on the streets of Simon's Town - home to South Africa's Navy and a large colony of Jackass Penguins – and Kalk Bay, a quaint fishing village, lined with retro stores and coffee shops, and Simon's Town . Two Oceans

Windswept and bored, the girls decided to take up shark cage diving ... on land.

Two Oceans-13

Out looking for smelly penguins at Boulders Beach.

Two Oceans-2

Ippi, lemon sorbet face.

Two Oceans-3

Nevada, as cool as lemon sorbet.

Two Oceans-5

Seals begging for scraps and entertaining visitors.

Two Oceans-6

Two Oceans-7

Colourful fishing boats in Kalk Bay harbour.

Two Oceans-4

The ever elegant Courtney, who takes pictures for Dad to find on his camera...

Two Oceans-8

Thank you love!

Two Oceans-9

Dad, have you seen what my crazy brother is doing?

Two Oceans-10

Having cleared away all breakable and flammable objects, the possibility of Ewan burning down or destroying Live Bait restaurant became less of a threat.

Two Oceans-11

Last day – the day the wind stopped – bagels and gingerbread men (and women) at Bob's Bagels in Kalk Bay.

Two Oceans-12

Try get 4 kids to sit still for a picture, thanks for the help Courtney!