Sunday Lunch at Trattoria Delinda

Italian food and culture go hand in hand, simply put, there is no difference. Food belongs as much to Italian history and culture as Dante and Leonardo da Vinci do. And on Sundays the majority of the nation are at home enjoying the main ingredient of any dish – time with friends and family. With this in mind I went in search of a place for a traditional Italian Sunday lunch. From the road you'd be forgiven for mistaking this place as just another apartment building, but this isn't any ordinary apartment, it's home to the Canducci family and Trattoria Delinda.


The restaurant originally opened back in 1910 and still serves traditional, unfussy Romagna food today. They're particularly well know for their hand made tagliatelle, which I'm told consists of about 40 eggs, 6 kilos of flour, and must be kneaded for no less than 20 minutes, before being hand cut and cooked to perfection.


Tagliatelle with meat sauce, they also have an excellent vegetarian version with peas.


Stuffed vegetables...


Perfectly grilled steak, straight off the wood fired grill in the kitchen. I tried to get a shot of it cooking, but this wonderful woman works really quickly over those coals. It took some convincing to get her photograph, but it the end she exhausted of listening to my broken Italian an submitted.



Igor was particularly fond of the chicken; basted in a tomato sauce that kept the meat moist and brought an excellent flavour.


Now, onto the piadina!

Handmade by Signora Palmina, whose nonna (grandmother) originally opened the restaurant. Signora Palmina started working here in 1961, and has been through the restaurants only renovation on the 2nd of July 1975 – it only took a day to rearrange the furniture. She has been kneading piadina for 55 years. No less than 15 minutes per batch of dough, she has wrists of steel.


Exploring the the depths of the cellar I discovered the ideal size bottle of wine, equipped with a drinking device.


Unfortunately, I was not allowed to take one of them up to the table. Instead they decanted some rather good locally produced wine into one these smaller bottles and sent me on my way back to the table.



Thank you to the whole Canducci family for an excellent meal, a wonderful atmosphere, and allowing me photograph your home and restaurant. I can't wait to visit again.

Marecchiese Via, 345, 47923 Rimini RN (4km from Rimini) Tel: 0541 727082