St Paul's Cathedral

There are 528 steps to climb to the dome of St Paul's Cathedral. We added another couple of hundred because we forgot to take a selfie on the Golden Gallery. On our way to the top, we paused at the Whispering Gallery, which runs around the interior of the Dome. It gets its name from a quirk in its construction, which makes a whisper against its walls audible on the opposite. Be careful what you say here. You never know who may be listening. We noticed a guy with his head up against a little hole in the wall. Either listening or trying to whisper something. Nobody told the poor fool those holes have nothing to do with the whispering magic. They're there for checking the integrity of the dome, by laser beam. Lucky he didn't get his head blown off – yes, I know, not that kind of laser. Welcome to St. Paul's Cathedral. Let me show you around.


But first, I need a picture on the stairs.


"Yes, the 528 steps were worth the climb," she said. "Now can we get brownies?"


This is the fourth incarnation of St Paul’s Cathedral. The first version was built in 604 and burnt down in 962. Version 2 burnt down and was replaced with version 3 in 1087. Less than 100 years late, in 1136, it burnt down. Are we seeing a pattern here? Version 4 was also toasted in 1666 – the London fire. I wonder if the Devil took the wrap for that one. Seems to have his mark on the date. Poor bugger, he takes the wrap for most of humanities heinous deeds. Anyway, version 5 was completed in 1710 and stills stands today. Even though the Luftwaffe had a go at flattening it in the early 1940s.

This was the tallest building in London until 1962. Until that monstrosity, the BT Tower took the number one slot. And now for the view...





"I think I'll use the escalator for the rest of the day,"said the Daughter. st-pauls-15