Self Discovery through Photography

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with photographer, Enrico De Luigi, in his hometown Rimini. Before hitting the beach for some practical tips, we stopped for Piadina – thin toasted flatbread stuffed with prosciutto and cheese. Waiting for our order, I noticed Enrico's gaze shift to the beautiful woman standing nearby, her tattoo had grabbed his attention. Before I knew it, or she for that matter, Enrico had her pulling her top up so he could photograph the full length of her tattoo, which ran from her neckline, down the left side of her back, to just below her waist.

First rule of Photo Club: "Don't be afraid to ask."

Over lunch Enrico gave me a new perspective on photography; the camera is simply a tool – a photographer's gun – what's really important is the person behind the camera. Photographs should be a reflection of your world; the things that move you, that you are passionate about, that inspire you. His workshops aren't about the technicalities of using a camera, they're about a journey of self discovery for the person behind the lens.

Before leaving the restaurant, Enrico suggested I let the camera do all the technical work: use auto program to allow it to set the aperture and shutter speed; remove my UV filter; pretend I don't have a zoom lens; set the camera to continuos shooting – the idea, to get me actively involved in taking the shot, instead of fiddling with settings.

By the end of the conversation, I realized that Enrico's perspective on photography is that it's a process of self discovery, pulling you from your comfort zone, helping you learn things about yourself you never knew.

I've decided to take the challenge and blog a series of my best photos every week. Over time my pictures should become more representative of who I am. In the meantime, here's day one, me stepping outside my comfort zone, taking pictures of random people on 'Free Beach' in Rimini.

The Pickup Artists The local pickup artists working their game.

Playing Cards Card games in the sun.

Playing with the boys Footwork ... the benefit of continuous shooting, I get to choose the best shot.

Made in Italy Just because I liked it.


Johnny Bravo Rimini's own Johnny Bravo.

Shooting me Shooting You Shooting me; shooting you ... Enrico and friends.

Beach Shower

Italian Shower Italian street shower.

Just another person on the wall Just another group of people on the wall.

Zoom zoom, Italia This picture was taken while zooming through the streets of Rimini, camera in hand, wondering if we'd make it past the next car alive, as Enrico took a call, smoked a cigarette, and navigated with one hand.

The Test Drive

Rock'n'Roll Biker Test driving Rock'n'Rolla ... I had to ride it home!