Santina's Tiramisu in Africa

We had hardly set foot in Grandma's house when Courtney decided that making a Tiramisu should be our priority. We had flipped through a few recipe books before realising that we have a brilliant chef only a text away. It wasn't long before we had Guerrilla Kitchen Chef Francesca on Messanger. Not a Tiramisu expert herself, she volunteered to go straight to the source. She would ask Santina Casadei to share her recipe with us. Tiramisu

 Santina's Tiramisu

We waited, and finally, the text with the recipe arrived:

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.38.49 AM

The first thing Courtney says, "Dad, there isn't any alcohol in it."

I explained to here that Italians aren't the raving alcoholics that she thinks they are and that perhaps this recipe is child-friendly.

In the end, Courtney wasn't around for the big Tiramisu making event. It came down to nanna and me doing the baking.

We started by putting the sugar, egg yolk, and mascarpone in a bowl and mixing it all together well. In another bowl whisk the egg whites until fluffy. And then stir them into the first bowl, always folding in the same direction. Following the instructions from Francesca:

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.47.16 AM



Lorraine (nanna), did most of the whipping...


And folding...


While I lined up the biscuits in a dish. We didn't have Pavesini so we used local favourites Boudoir.


Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 10.56.44 AM.png




The two pots of moka coffee turned out to be about four shots of espresso.

Nevada helped by cleaning up the spinning device. Apparently, the mixture was already eye-popping good.


The end result dusted with cocoa powder just before we served.


The reason there isn't any alcohol in this version ... these two ate it for breakfast!!