Rimini - The Canadian Connection

Rimini-1.jpg Wandering home from an Italian lesson, the theme song from Gladiator (Hans Zimmer & Lisa Gerrard) drifted through my earbuds. As I looked up, I saw the Arch of Augustus. Dedicated to the Emperor Augustus by the Roman Senate in 27 BC, it's the oldest surviving Roman arch. I thought to myself, WOW! I'm walking in the steps Roman soldiers and gladiators.

Spotting a plaque along the path, I walked over to see if I could learn more about the arch. Instead, I discovered a Canadian connection to Rimini:

"In the late summer of 1944 Canadians fought in the Marches and Romagna to free Italy from military occupation. In a brilliant though brutal operation, I Canadian Corps broke through the last and most formidable of the German defence lines and so became the spearhead of the British 8th Army. Their victory opened the way to the liberation of Rimini and the valley of the Po. The human cost was high, the achievement monumental."

While Canadians can be described as friendly and accommodating, never let it be said that they don't have the grit to get the job done.