Primo Taglio a Rimini

Yesterday, I decided it was time for a haircut. Hopping onto my punk bici (bike), I zipped through the streets of Rimini, in search of a hairdresser. Finding a hairdresser, no problem; finding an open hairdresser, grande problema.

Understanding that Italians are of a superior nation, a nation who put style and comfortable digestion before punctuality and operating hours, I sought the advice of my flatmate.

One phone call and Enrico had an appointment setup for me with his usual guy, Sandro. It would seem that, like most things in Italy, hair salons keep flexible hours.

The Haircut Company It's interesting that some services in Italy have English names. I suspect this has something to do with price; if the service is announced in English, expect to pay more.

Sandro Examines I find Sandro waiting in the doorway of his 'office', enjoying a cigarette. "Il primo taglio, in Italia?" he comments, while I lock up my bike. It sounds like some kind of right-of-passage, or, more likely, I really need a haircut.

Jack for Hair And the the cutting begins ... you can tell the character of your hairdresser by the spray bottle he uses.

Primo taglio In the end, I once again look respectable.

WLF Okay, what kind of reading material did you expect to find at a mens hair salon in Italy.