Partito di Vale ... Bordello

The first Italian birthday party I went to, turned out not to be a birthday party. I had risked life and limb to procure Valeria a birthday present. And it wasn't even her birthday. Bottle of Tequila safely stashed in my backpack; I manoeuvred my bike over the pedestrian crossing. Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed the car had no intention of stopping. Fortunately, months of experience avoiding elderly ladies and young children in the streets of Rimini had prepared me. I pulled the front brake, firmly. My back wheel lifted ... BAAAM. The back wheel swung out to the left. This time like Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible. I managed to stay on the bike. In the end, only minor damage to the bike and I cycled away unscathed. His car has a nice ding in the front. A couple of drinks and I decided to take a cab to the birthday that wasn't. Warning, this post contains adult content.

A pool party in a pool the size of a hot tub. The previous pool (last years party) had sprung a leak, sending soapy water down the street, resulting in the paying a visit to the party.

My host, the fiery Vale ... and partner in crime, Gio Blonde.

Sometimes the camera just does weird shit, and this happens.

Vale Festa-6

"I don't want to get wet in the rain."

Vale Festa-10

Vale Festa-12Vale Festa-13

This season's Italian rainwear.

Vale Festa-14Vale Festa-16Vale Festa-17

"Sei affamato?"

Vale Festa-19Vale Festa-20Vale Festa-21

Meanwhile, Gio is out on the streets taunting the police ...

Vale Festa-23Vale Festa-24Vale Festa-25

The after party for the birthday that wasn't was held at La Brezza...

Vale Festa-26Vale Festa-27Vale Festa-28

A desperate reveller holding out for the only toilet in La Brezza aka  poligono di tiro (The Shooting Range).

Vale Festa-29

And if that wasn't enough, I decided to nurse a hangover on the beach.

Vale Festa-40

It appears this guy had the same idea until his friend found him and woke him.

Vale Festa-30

And this guy...

Vale Festa-36

And this guy...

Vale Festa-34

"What would you like between your pizza signore?"

Vale Festa-31

Three colours brown ... the middle one is working on it.

Vale Festa-37

"Nothing to see here. We're trained professionals. Carry on about your business.You funny looking guy in a white speedo."

Vale Festa-39