Painting the Riviera Pink

You're probably familiar with the saying, "paint the town red." Which, according to Oscar Wilde, has its roots in Dante's, The Inferno: "we are they who painted the world scarlet with sins." Others suggest it comes from an incident involving the Marquis of Waterford and a group of drunk friends, who, after a successful fox hunt, ran riot and painted Melton Mowbray red. Still, others talk of men in Chicago setting off fireworks, their luminescent glow "painting the city red." Whatever its roots, the phrase is now commonly associated with a raucous night out. A night fuelled by vast amounts of alcohol and other mind-altering substances. So when I heard the locals raving about La Notte Rosa (the Pink Night), I immediately figured something had got lost in translation. Or the biggest gay pride event was about to pound the Riviera. Yes, the entire Adriatic Riviera, from Ravenna to Rimini and onward toward Ancona – a distance of around 200 kilometres – was to become a part. Beachfront streets were closed, stages and event arenas erected, and an entire people shifted into high gear party mode.


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I never did get a definitive answer to the origin of the name. When I asked Chico, he shrugged and said, "Non lo so. (I don't know) Think of it as New Year's Eve in summer." Perhaps it's because Italian parties don't involve the same quantities of alcohol and obnoxious drunk people as the rest of the world. Italians only paint the evening pink. Although, I'm not sure about the mind altering drugs.

Painting the Riviera Pink

Igor and Marco were definitely on mind altering drugs. They started the evening with an uphill half marathon. Next year ragazzi!


This wonderful man actually trusted me enough to let me behind the wheel of his vintage race car.


The Rimini Roller Blade Ragazze...


No event goes down in Rimini without the NOPANIC therapist...


Therapy required, I think the ink went to his head.


Okay Francesca, light it up!


If you two ever find this photo, tell me. If anybody reading this blog knows these two, tell them their picture is here...


Mind altering drugs? Pink haze?


That naughty smile ... I look forward to seeing it soon!