Our Vegan Valentine at Loving Hut

I figured this may well be the last Valentine's Day dinner I have with the Daughter. It won't be long and she'll be telling her dirty IHOP jokes to some poor Italian fellow. Fortunately, she seems wiser and more mature than I was at her age. Although, that's not saying much. We celebrated our evening, meat-free at The Loving Hut Vegan Cafe in Rimini. Thanks for a delicious meal Chris and Eve, you did an excellent job! Bevande - 2 bicchieri di champagne analcolico. Although, given the look on her face, perhaps Chris did slip some alcohol in her glass.


Zuppa di cocco thailandese – con tofu e funghi shitake fresca.


Antipasto asiatico da condividere – involtini d'estate, ravioli al vapore e involtini dorati serviti con salse fatte in casa.


Oro mezzelune di mare da condividere – impanare vegan 'gamberi' con salsa gustoso.


'Those were so good,' said the daughter. 'They tasted just like real shrimp.'


Kung Pao con riso - 'pollo' vegano saltato con pepe di sichuan, peperoni rossi e arachidi.


Dolci – Cheesecake crudista alle fragole con fragole ricoperte di coccolato crudo bianco e fondente per due.


The Dad, photo credit, the Daughter.