Nkwe, South Africa - Day 2

A few years ago we discovered Nkwe, a peaceful resort on the banks of the Pienaars River in the Tiegerpoort Valley, just 25km from Pretoria. It's the ideal location for a day visit or weekend getaway. A farm like escape from the hustle and bustle of Gauteng. On this trip, we rented a log cabin in the quiet, secure caravan park. We're a short walk from the swimming hole, which is fed by a beautiful waterfall. I'm not exactly sure how deep the hole is, but nobody seems to be able to swim to the bottom, so it makes the perfect location for a spot of rock jumping. Family and the strays

Courtney, always looking after the stray dogs.

Test Jump

Courtney taking Ewan for a test jump.

Trust your sisterCourtney and Ewan Jump 2

Hold on Ewan

Gotta love your big sister, holding your hand all the way down!

Courtney Big Jump

Her work done, Courtney notches her rock jumping up a level.

Ewan Son in Sun

My Son, in the sun.

Nevada Ice Cream Queen

Nevada, the ice cream girl.