My Three Words for 2016

There’s nothing like the hangover of a New Year’s Eve party to inspire all manner of resolutions. Top of the list, I’m never drinking again. I've heard that a few times today. Who we kidding, most of us will be drinking bubbly by lunchtime.

That’s why I resolved to give up resolutions about 5 years ago. It was my best resolution ever. Now, I choose three words to will guide me through whatever treachery the year ahead holds. It's not a perfect system, but at least I remember what my guiding words were at the end of each year.

Last year I went with Temple, which had me focused on putting down roots, finding a place to call home. I’m not there yet, but at least I’ve narrowed it down to two countries. Invest was all about relationships, about consciously investing time in meaningful relationships. Writer, well this blog is a testament to that word.

I plan to use 2016 to build on 2015's achievements. This means paying more attention to detail and upping my level of commitment. So, I’ve chosen three words that will help guide me in the right direction.

Create - will help me focus on refining my consulting business. Last year I tested different ideas and approaches, this year I want to perfect the model. Create will also help me focus on dedicating more time to my writing–forming a writing habit; submitting more articles for publication; taking a crack at writing a novel in November.

Companion - This word reminds me of Doctor Who. He always has a companion, a partner in crime, a person crazy enough to share his adventures. The word, companion, will help me continue to focus on investing in meaningful relationships–personal and professional.

Time  Sticking with the whole Time Lord theme, this year will be about making the best use of my time. I can never make back the time I’ve lost, but I can use the time before me more wisely. And I can live a lifestyle that adds years to my existence. The word Time will remind me that every minute counts, don’t waste them.

Written at 39,000 feet, travelling at 994km an hour, on-route to Istanbul–definitely a better use of my time than watching the in-flight entertainment.