Monty's Toronto - The Ghosts and Ghouls of Galley Avenue

My apartment in Toronto is on Galley Avenue, a five minute walk from Lit Espresso Bar. I often write there, the coffee is good, the wireless is good, and the vegan muffins taste like dusty, old paper. On the way out the house this morning, I discovered a severed hand on the piano – ordinarily something one does not expect to find on the morning coffee run. However, given I'm living with a wacky production crew, currently filming Discovery channel's crime series, Web of Lies, it's not completely unexpected. The other night they were out burning a body. The sight of a severed hand reminded me Halloween is about a week away, and that means spooky houses in our neighbourhood.

The Hand

Ghost in a tree

Zombies Rising


Tomb Raider 2

The Colours of Fall

Corpse Rising