Monty's London - Notting Hill Carnival

Every August, around one million people descend on the streets of Notting Hill to join in the revelry of the Notting Hill Carnival. One of the world's biggest festivals and a huge cultural event in London. I hooked up with the Chocolate Nation crowd for a crazy, larger than life experience.


Summer in London...

Jerk Chicken

The air heavy with the flavours of barbecue...

Boom Boom

and the The Boom ... Boom ... Boom of Caribbean music.

Street Carnival

SA Food - Really

What shall we have then?

Photo time Balance


Cocktails anybody?


The smile says it all.


Vendors turn to jesters.

Painted Met

The London Met gets friendly...

London Met

and covered in paint.

Blue Caribean

The costumes come out...

Blue Girls

Colour, smiles, and a lot of blue.

Dancing in the Street

Dancing in the streets ... or windows.

Carnival Mayhem

And the mayhem begins ... as the chocolate flows ...

Choc Nation 2

Choc Nation

Pole Dancers

Put it on the list for 2016!