Monty's Italy - The Cinque Terre

Every weekend, I take advantage of Italy's extensive ferrovie  (literally translated -"ironways"), travelling in the company of locals and tourists, exploring my adoptive country. This past weekend, I was joined by friend and photographer, Aneta, on holiday from Toronto. We took the opportunity to explore, taste, and photograph Cinque Terre. A string of five ancient seaside villages, famous for their colourful houses, their ancient vineyards that cling to steep terraces, their picturesque harbours,  their trattorias that turn out fresh seafood, and their most famous dish, pesto.

Riomaggiore Riomaggiore, one of my favourite villages in the chain...


Swiming Likely because this harbour reminds me of a story I once read as a child. Every time I visit I find my thoughts drifting back to that story, set not too far away, in Corsica.


Ladies Time seems to pass slower here, or perhaps, people just use it wisely.


Australian Girls We found Cinque Terre riddled with Australians and New Zealanders, who were quick to point out we could easily tell them apart by the way they pronounced the word six, apparently even Siri had to be reprogrammed.


Local Wines Many wines were tasted; in search of the perfect grape from the rugged hills above...


DSC_0262 ... to pair with the most delicious pesto I've ever tasted. [Photo Credit: Aneta]


Jean's Foam The next day had us back at the beach searching for more interesting pictures of random stuff, like this piece of foam.


Life Guards ... while Aneta checked out the local lifeguards ...


Toes in Sand ... who really liked her toes – and made for interesting 'stuff' for me to photograph ...


Life Preserve


Fisherman The Old Man and The Sea - all very Hemingway. [Photo Credit: Aneta]


The Selfie Generation The selfie generation.


Trenitalia Trenitalia; when you understand it, you understand Italy. Until then, just enjoy the ride. And validate your ticket.


Chef The thing I love most about Italy, the people. Joining us for grappa after cooking dinner – The Owner. [Photo Credit: Aneta]


Waitress The Waiter – Monterosso's own Olivia Magnani. [Photo Credit: Aneta]


Italy Dinners And The Chef [Photo Credit: Aneta]

Until next weekend.