Monty's Italy - Rimini Foto d’Autunno

Rimini's annual Foto d'Autunno exhibition opened on the 10 of September and runs through the 25th of October. Over the past few years the event has established a name for itself, attracting both local and international talent.

Local photographer, Chico De Luigi, is exhibiting photos from his blog, which, for the past 5 years, he has updated daily. His à la sauvette approach to photography could be described as: inconsistent, cheeky, and unorthodox – for a photographer with a lifetime of experience. But that's exactly what makes his pictures unique and fascinating. He makes the camera work for him, concentrating on his subject, instead the technical aspects of the camera.

Chico De Luigi

Also on display are photos from some of Chico's students who attended his summer 'No Panic' workshops.

Casa Morandi

The exhibition of Luciano Leonotti, dedicated to Giorgio Morandi, is another of my favourites.

Luciano Leonotti

Leonotti's images depict the rooms, simple and bright, where Morandi, the great Bolognese artist, lived and worked.


The exhibitions are spread out around the city at different venues, including the City Museum, The Galleria dell’Imagine, and the F.A.R (Fabbrica Arte Rimini), and are all free.