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This morning I wrote an article on the trend toward freelancing, and how companies that are serious about attracting and retaining global talent, need to accommodate new styles of working. The article got me thinking about some of the places I enjoy working as a location independent professional (LIP).

When at home in Rimini, Italy, the kitchen is my favourite location. With natural light, coffee on tap, a stocked refrigerator, and high speed internet – what more could you ask for?

Company you say? I live with two cats, an eccentric photographer, and a constant stream of quirky lodgers and photographers – I have all the inspiration I need.

The Kitchen [Image Credit: Chico De Luigi]

When I'm not working from the kitchen, or hammering out a blog on Trenitalia, I try to find a place that feels like home; has coffee on tap, a stocked refrigerator, high speed internet, and friendly coworkers, which means finding a coworking space or good coffee shop.

When it comes to coworking space, I'm a Hubber at heart. The Impact Hub crew have Hubs in 49 countries – with about 7 in Italy – they have coffee on tap, shared lunches, high speed internet, and awesome people.

Impact Hubs Italy I don't actually belong to a Hub, I just arrive and they give me a place to work for however long I plan to stay – the cost, about 20 Euro a day.

Hub Milan You're always guaranteed a great space (Impact Hub Milan) ...

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Sharing Meals Friendly faces, breaking bread together (and vino in Italia)...

Impact Hub Florence Impact Hub Florence.

I've yet to have a bad experience at an Impact Hub, and I've used them in: London, Odessa, Bucharest, Milan, Florence ...

Coffee spots next.

What's your favourite place to work from, outside the office?