Monty’s Italy - Photo Journal Florence

My experiment in self-discovery through photography has helped me uncover two things about myself. I have a tendency to leave a trail of valuable items scattered across the planet; a passport destroyed in Toronto, an iPhone lost in Venice, and my camera battery charger in Milan – not good for a photography experiment.

The other thing I've discovered about myself is that I'd much rather photograph interesting food, strange people, and places unknown; than stand for hours in a queue to photograph works of art.
Italia Style
Evviva! Italia style. I’m enjoying capturing things that are deeply engrained in a culture. Italy is a proud nation, the red, green, and blue a constant reminder of how much they love their country. And how bikes, scooters, and motorcycles are the way of life.
The David
I wonder what Michelangelo would think of this David – as you’ve never seen him – Mercato Centrale Firenze
meraviglioso pasta
I discovered the most amazing pasta at Il Tartufo; spaghetti in a truffle cream sauce with truffle shavings, simply put … meraviglioso!!

Perseus Holding Medusa's Head A visit to Florence wouldn't be complete without enduring at least one museum queue. I chose to visit the Uffizi Gallery, built in 1581 at the request of Granduca Francisco de’ Medici, it seemed like the logical choice; I’ve always been interested in the Medici family. Also, they have a of Medusa's head, one of my favourite stories as a child – Medusa and Perseus, I've always wanted a pair of those winged sandals Hermes leant him.

The Vecchio Lady

Cherubs Night Out

Even cherubs have a big night out.
Selfie at Vecchio Ponte
Florence, more selfie sticks than people..
Selfie Time
And tongues out!
Lady and Light
I’m starting to experiments with black & white, really like the light in this pic.
Sunset Ponte Vecchio
As the sun sets over Florence...
Busking Ponte Vecchio
The busking begins, these guys, on Ponte Vecchio, did one of the best covers of: “She” - Meraviglioso!
Buonanotte Firenze
Buonanotte Firenze!