Monty's Canada - Discovering Muskoka Lakes

My Muskoka adventure has turned into a full immersion into Canadian cottage culture; everything from maple leaves to onesies, Muskoka Chairs to barge taxis, and Blue Jays to Blue Rodeo. The later a Canadian country rock band that put on a performance at The Kee to Bala, a local concert venue. Before heading over to the concert, we took a hike in the woods, played ball in the garden, and stuffed ourselves with Turkey.

Canada Maple Leaf

The Canadian Maple leaf, or at least, so I am told.

Barge Pickup

The Wiegand Taxi barge, used to ferry visitors from the mainland to Wiegand Island.

Tango & Cash

I feel like the other one should be called Cash.

Dogs Life

A dogs life.

motley crue

Motley crue out hiking in the woods.

Local Art

Muskoka rock totems.

Muskoka Chair

The Muskoka chair, I have it on good authority that they even come in bright orange and luminous green.

Canadian Dress

The kind of style one would associate with cottage life...


and then there is this, the onesie ... say no more.

RMS Segwun

RMS Segwun, the oldest operating steam driven vessel in North America. Built in 1887 to ferry vacationers to lodges and cottages, she is one of only four ships in the world still carrying the status of Royal Mail Ship.


For the love of orange.


And signs of home, even in the Canadian wilderness.

Party Girls

Blue Rodeo Groupies.

Barge Taxi Home

Barge taxi home to the island.