Milano with Kat

The last time we hung out was in Odessa. I dragged you from the warmth of your apartment into the icy, wet January weather. Somehow I managed to convince you that visiting the catacombs, in the middle of winter would be fun. I remember your face when we found the entrance locked and had to trudge through the snow asking people how we gain access. You asked the owner of the little shop, the lady outside the shop, you made a few calls –  your eyes pleading to go home.

But you didn't give up. You found the lady with the keys and followed her into the bowels of Odessa. Guided by a single torch light, which I recall went out a least once. And to think you never abandoned me down there. Come to think of it; I did buy you a sandwich and a new set of windshield wipers. Happy to know they're still working.

It was fantastic to see you today, next time we cycle Rimini.


There will be no going underground in this town...


Okay, the Metro is an exception!