Marlene Kuntz Rock Rimini!

The evening started out tame. A visit to Rimini's oldest toy store. Drinks with friends at Neon, an invite to Velvet for a concert. Why not? I figured. Interesting sounding venue, Italian rock concert, alcoholized people everywhere ... sign me up.Evening Rimini-1-6

Turns out something got lost in translation. Marlene Kuntz is anything but an indie rock band. Initially inspired by Sonic Youth, they're best described as serious organ dislodging noise-rock. Born in 1990, they've been the spearhead of the Italian independent music scene, the luminaries of noise-rock in the mother tongue.

Evening Rimini-1-7

Evening Rimini-1-5

Molte grazie Lucia! (con Alex and wide-eye De Luigi)

It was a super fantastic evening! And my first foto pass in Italy courtesy the Velvet Club.

Evening Rimini-1-4

Evening Rimini-1

Evening Rimini-1-2

Gio Blonde! Supposed to be taking photos, not head banging.

Evening Rimini-1-9

Evening Rimini-1-8

Evening Rimini-1-3

After the performance Gio Blonde and I slipped backstage to meet the band. My first rock band interview and I can't string a coherent sentence together in Italian. Fortunately, I didn't have to rely on Gio Blonde to translate ... groupie ... the guys spoke English. So, while Gio Blonde was pulling her tongue of the floor, I grabbed a beer and listened intently to the Marlene Kuntz story, the origin of the bands name, and the reason Cristiano Godano uses so many guitars – they're all pre-tuned.

Evening Rimini-1-13

Luca Bergia – came out from behind the drums.

Evening Rimini-1-11

Cristiano Godano - guitarist, leadsinger, author.

Evening Rimini-1-12

Luca Saporiti - bassist.

Evening Rimini-1-14

Evening Rimini-1-10

Bella donna - mi sono di menticato di chiederti come ti chiami.