Magnifico Milano

I left Rimini on Sunday afternoon, a quick stop for piadina, before jumping on Chico's scooter - luggage and all - to head for the station. We must have looked ridiculous; Chico wearing my backpack on his chest, me holding my suitcase above my chest, the two of us zipping between the Rimini traffic. Luckily, I made it to the station alive, only to find there were no tickets to Milano – all sold out. Instead I had to take a train to Bologna and from there another train to Milano. They say travel is all about the getting there, I certainly choose the hard way sometimes.




The train to Bologna was one of those sit on what you can find, or stand journeys.

Note from Chico

On the trip from Bologna to Milano, I opened the book Enrico had given me to find a note from a new amico.

Hot Desk at ImpactHub

My hot desk at Impact Hub Milano ...

Train Milano

had me traveling with some passionate Italians on the metro everyday.

Italian Legs


The Hub Team

It met some great people with really innovative ideas working at the Milano Hub. Lunch outside in the courtyard everyday, cooked by one of the Hubbers, a great way to get people interacting.

Train Italia

My friend, Giovanna took me to Mercato Metropolitano, a fabulous market in the city. I went back a couple of evenings for some great pasta.



Mojito Van

I took an early morning tour through Milano with Giovanna ...


to see the finger of LOVE ...

Love of Orange

and find something I love ... the colour orange.

The Photographers

Back in Rimini ... the photographers get photographed...

The limo

And I stay with il gato...

Il Gato


Il Gato



Chasing a sunset for my best friend.

Rimini Nightlife

Night life in Rimini ...