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Villa Torlonia (The Tower) is located in San Mauro Pascoli, about 18 kilometres from Rimini. It's characteristic of a typical seventeenth / eighteenth century villa of the Romagna Region. A large tower marks the entrance to the villa were a beautiful eighteenth century door opens onto the expansive courtyard. Walking across the cobble stones (actually we ran because the rain was belting down) one can't help imagining what things would have been like 100s of years ago. At first I had visions of people wandering around in togas and slaves being chained up in the basement, but this place is only about 200 years old. In fact, it was was the home to poet Giovanni Pascoli, his father administered the place for the Princess of Torlonia. And so it seems fitting the villa host HOME: A Party for Friends of Art and Culture and a Blind Photography Performance by Chico De Luigi.

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