Has Feminism gone too far, or not far enough?

You know, there was a time when feminism was all about equal rights, equal pay, and that a woman can do any job that a man can do; but with the promise of equality, have inequalities grown? To me it seems like large numbers of very successful women feel that life is profoundly sexist and unfair. However, many of these same women have become executive bullies with little regard for the plight of their fellow women.

Take for instance Marissa Mayer, who, in her early career at Google, would have executives line up outside her office for meetings. She has graduated to become the wicked poster child for working mothers.

Mayer banned working from home, justifying the move by saying that it is not the perfect solution for mothers with career ambitions. Surely, the whole point of feminism is the right to choose.

Which leads me to wonder, has feminism in fact backfired?

With more people entering the workforce there has been an exponential increase in the cost of living, the modern family has no option but to rely on two incomes.

And while women continue to shoulder the bulk of the childcare responsibility, maintain a career and picking up 25 other jobs men seem only too happy to hand over – banking, insurance, medical, shopping – men have more time to for the important things in life like playing video games and drinking beer.

It would seem that the modern woman is battling inequality on two fronts: against female executive bullies and their age-old adversary, man. Perhaps feminism just hasn’t gone far enough for the mere mortal women.