Good girls, bad girls, and a lot of shoes

There are unfounded rumours circulating town. Stories that I might be moving to London. All vicious lies. However, Gigi has been eating more than we can afford. It has been decided one of us will have to become a migrant worker. Being the only one in the house who can hardly speak Italian. I will be working in the big city to provide for the starving cat. A cat who somehow managed to open the door to the trash yesterday and cover the kitchen in rubbish. "GIGI, what have you done?"

"MEOW," he says in a deep throaty voice.

Basically, that means shut the fuck up and feed me, human. At first, I could speak better cat than Italian. Then I figured Gigi only knows one cat word: feed me.

Rimini Foto d'autunno - Patrick Tombola

I found Patrick Tombola's exhibition - INJUSTICE VS RIGHTS – extremely moving. He captures the violence in El Salvador. One of the most murderous nations outside a war zone. It has an average homicide rate of 25-30 per day, the majority being youths.


On a lighter note, it looks like Obama is out of the White House. Unfortunately, likely to be replaced a raving lunatic. God help us all if Trump becomes the US Commander and Chief. I suppose the first thing he'll do is stick a big TRUMP sign on the front of the White House. Then set about causing havoc in the world. I remember one of those

I remember one of those Nostradamus prophecies being about a guy with a blue turban, the 3rd antichrist. Perhaps he got it wrong, the 3rd antichrist will come from the west. A raving lunatic, with a bad hairpiece, screaming: "Make America Great Again!"


The three good girls ... hear no evil, speak no evil, do no evil.


The three BAD girls ... Speak Evil, Make Evil, Record Evil. Yet, I have to admit, nights would be hopelessly boring without the three of you.


Click your heals together three times Vale, and you'll come back to Rimini.


And shoes became the theme for the night...


One guess who these feet belong to.


No Entry. Take Two. With a broken arm.


We hooked Vale up with a good looking chap with a broken leg. Between them, they ought to be able to able to get completely legless.


Lost shoe. Gorgeous owner required. Apply at Neon.