Getting into a Routine in Rimini

IMG_0127 One of the difficult parts of being location independent is the disruption that comes with moving from place to place. You have to adjust to a new timezone, get accustomed to your new surroundings, and become productive as soon as possible. I find quickly getting into a routine works for me.

My day starts with writing. I roll out of bed at 6am and hammer out at least 1,000 words – it's my most creative time of the day. This means organising a writing space is my first priority, preferably something in spitting distance of my bed, and the nearest coffee machine.

Next on the list is exercise. I enjoy running because it helps me think and it's an excellent way to explore your new surroundings. Just make sure you know where the hell you are. I once got lost on an evening run in Seoul. As the sun went down and the lights came up, the whole city changed. I couldn't find my way home. As the temperature dropped, exposed to the elements in my running gear, I had visions of freezing to death in a foreign city. Fortunately, I had a mobile phone. After a series of international calls, it turned out I was only a block away from the apartment.

This experience prompted me to add learning the local lingo to my routine. I recently discovered Duolingo, a free language learning app. Usually, I set aside an hour to work on my language skills, however this time around I've committed to 2 hours a day of one-on-one lessons at Rimini Academy. I intend being here a while.

With most of my clients on Eastern Time, I settle into a normal workday after lunch, working until around 8pm Italian time. They eat late here, which suites my schedule perfectly ... tonight piadina ... because what is life without piadina!

And my wonderful flatmate, Chico, has just informed me that within the week I will have a writing desk ... No Panic!

The day ends with a few words on this blog, or a couple of chapters of whatever I'm currently reading.