Festa de' Borg - The Perfect Day

"I wish you a Perfect Day ... is an injection of positivity, a gift to our city, the promise of an endless sharing and we want more and more practised starting from our small, but special village." Separated from the historic city of Rimini by the Tiberius Bridge, the Borgo San Giuliano was once a small village inhabited by fishermen. The spirit of San Giuliano manifests itself in the "Festa de Borg", which tells the story of the community, with particular reference to the human stories of those who have lived and live in the town. During the event, the squares of Borgo San Giuliano turn into theatres and stages. People open their homes and set up tables in small streets. The people of San Giuliano host street theatre activities, exhibitions, music, and serve food and wine to celebrate the Perfect Day – the theme of this twentieth-anniversary event is recognition that perfection is a process. Something that binds us all together in a common destiny.

It seemed appropriate then that as the sun set over San Giuliano and hundred of people lined the ancient Bridge of Tiberius; we listened in silence as local children described their visions of the Perfect Day.

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Austerity food, slices of Tuscan bread stuffed with Mortadella, and washed down with big glasses of red wine–one can't help but love Italian austerity.

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This centurion seems to have lost his way, trapped forever in The Perfect Day.

Festa de Borg-8

Silvia, home invasion. "Tu chi sei? Perche sei in casa mia?"

Festa de Borg-9

Life is good.

Festa de Borg-10

The band of the evening they transported us to Cuba with sounds of Buena vista social club.

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May I have this dance?

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Toes of Gio...

Festa de Borg-15

Reflections of Gio...

Festa de Borg-16

We only serve piadina here...

Festa de Borg-17Festa de Borg-18

La Brezza style ...

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Festa de Borg-20

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