Cycling along Fiume Marecchia

My bike has arrived from London. And with spring around the corner – although it didn't feel that way this morning – I plan to do some serious biking around the Emilia Romagna region. Starting with what's right outside my own backdoor, I took a ride along the unsurfaced path that follows the river Marecchia, from Rimini to Ponte Verucchio (about 20 kilometers in each direction). I started from Parco XXV Aprile, also known as the Marecchia Park – nearby the Tiberius Bridge. A short ride through the park, I arrived at the bank of the river and then followed the path toward Ponte Verucchio.

River Marecchia -1

The morning started off gusty, grey, and chilly and while the wind dropped a little, the sun didn't manage to break through the clouds most of the ride.

river Marecchia 2

I'm hoping to find a cabin beside the river. An old stone house, surrounded by vineyards, olive and lemon trees. A romantic, writing escape - no luck yet.

River Marecchia 3

Along the way I noticed the remains of a few bridges, a sign that the river Marecchia isn't always as gentle is it was today.

Cycling River Marecchia 4

Excellent riding conditions.


Stunning views. I'm looking forward to spring.