Cooking with Partisans - Piadina con Sardoncini

From November 1943 The Red Star Brigade fought fascism in Marzabotto, Monzuno, Grizzana Morandi, and Emilia Romagna. The brigade, composed mainly of young boys and commanded by Mario Musolesi (the "Wolf"), mounted an armed struggle against Nazi-Fascism after the Badoglio Proclamation – announcing the Cassibile armistice between Italy and the Allies. I discovered an interesting personal connection researching this story; when the Wolf was arrested by the Carabinieri, his companion Sammarchi – who shares the same name as my ex-wife's family – went to the police sergeant, gun in hand, and forced him to release Wolf. That little stunt had them running for the mountains, were they their ran operations from for the rest of the war.

Cooking with Partisans

"Red Star Brigade, first we were patriots, then rebels, and finally free men (and women)"

Cooking a Velvet-3

Fresh sardoncini...

Cooking a Velvet

Seasoned in a secret partisan blend of herbs and spices...

Cooking a Velvet-2

Carefully placed on the grill...

Cooking a Velvet-4

Meanwhile the piadina are prepared...

Cooking a Velvet-6

Add green salad, loads of olive oil, and...

Cooking a Velvet-7

piadina del partigiano

Cooking a Velvet-10Cooking a Velvet-9