Cooking with Chicca - Super Rosso Pasta

Lunch today will need to keep us fuelled until 4 in the morning. Francesca and I created something originally called, "what have we got left in the cupboard?" Let's start with pasta...about 300 grams. Cooking-11


Some finely sliced green onion... Cooking-2

Fried at a low heat with anchovies, until the anchovies melt and fuse with the onion...


This next ingredient you're not going to find easily – well at least not the good stuff. These capperi come from  Isola di Filicudi, just off the coast of Sicily and were sent to us by famous reporter and photographer, Maria Vittoria Backhaus, once a special guest at CAMERECHIARE.


Along with the capperi, two containers of tomato sauce - 400g. Add a pinch of sugar and cook over a low heat for about 15 min.


Pasta into boiling water with a pinch of salt and cook for ten minutes.


On a medium heat.


Presto! Super Rosso Pasta.