Cape Town - Two Oceans Ultra-Marathon

A gruelling challenge set against a backdrop of spectacular scenery. The Two Oceans Ultra Marathon has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most beautiful marathons. These super athletes are all smiles now, but they still have Chapman's Peak and Constantia Nek at 215m, right at the end of the race. When I'll be sipping Sauvignon Blanc and eating calamari at Bertha's Restaurant in Simon's Town. Two Oceans-2

Front runners came through just on 7am

Two Oceans-3

Still with enough energy to perform for the camera ... he'll regret this later.

Two Oceans-4Two Oceans-5

Father and daughter ...

Two Oceans-6

Two Oceans-7

The word "chafe" comes to mind.

Two Oceans-8

Thumbs up

Two Oceans-9Two Oceans-10Two Oceans-11Two Oceans-12Two Oceans-13Two Oceans-14Two Oceans-15Two Oceans-16Two Oceans-17


Two Oceans-18Two Oceans-19Two Oceans-20Two Oceans-21


Two Oceans-22

Happy Easter!

Two Oceans-23

Two Oceans-24

Right back at you!

Two Oceans-25

Two Oceans-26

If only this were the finish.

Two Oceans-28Two Oceans-29Two Oceans-30Two Oceans-31Two Oceans-32

We found Santa.

Two Oceans-33