Berlin - Mauerpark Flea Market

Sunday afternoon sifting for treasure amongst hip Berliners and bleary eyed students at Mauerpark Flea Market. You can find just about anything here. A local artist who makes robots that look like the came from the dark side of the moon, dolls that look like the spawn of Chucky, food from all over the world, and plenty of wine to wash it down.Berlin May-5

The Spawn of Chucky ... armed and in a bad way!

Berlin May-7

The Spawn of Chucky got to her jeans.

Berlin May

Berlin May-2

He sounded Australian ... somebody should tell him it's safe to go home, Australia is no longer a colony for criminals and escape artists.

Berlin May-3 Berlin May-4

The Berlin Art Scene.

Berlin May-6

Camera graveyard,

Berlin May-14

Old DDR Stasi cheeseburger patrol car.

Berlin May-15

Kolja Kugler, native Berlin artist, who builds robots, including Sir Elton Junk and afreakin bassplayer.