Transnistria - A Sliver of Land Hanging on to it's Soviet Roots.

On route to see the catacombs in Odessa, we crossed through the self-declared country of Transnistria which still clings to its Soviet roots. A sliver of land between the River Dniester and the eastern Moldovan border with Ukraine, Transnistria has its own government, parliament, currency, and passport, but remains unrecognized internationally – except for Russia, which has a base there with about 1,350 soldiers and heavy weapons. Leaving Odessa

We never got to see the catacombs, arriving in the midst of a blizzard, we spent most of the weekend trapped in our apartment.

Ferris Wheel

A rusty old ferris wheel brought to mind scenes from the movie Chernobyl.

Transnistria Roads

Surprisingly Transnistria has some of the best roads in Eastern Europe ... at least the main road running through the country.

Smoke Stack

Farm House

Cognac Bells

In the capital, Tiraspol, there is a wine and brandy distillery – Kvint.  After climbing the bell tower in Kirov Park, we decided to pick up a bottle of local tipple, which I think tasted somewhat like jet fuel.


House of the Soviets

Lenin still keeps watch out front, at the House of the Soviets.


House of Soviets

A little apprehensive initially, I definitely feel Transnistria warrants a longer visit in the future.